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People I Know Episode 6: The First Time, Every Time

I would describe Chad Allie as a generally fly dude.  Not only because he has a million dollar mind, a sharp eye for fashion, and is handy with a tool set, but also because he works for Boeing.  In addition to aviation, Chad has a few projects in the works that will dramatically alter the way we interact with each other, our bodies, and the environment.   Join us as we discuss all of it on this episode of people I know.

Episode 3: Pursuit of Happiness

It can be said that everyone wants to be happy.  Not everyone can readily identify it, and fewer have taken the time to figure out what happiness means for themselves.  We all have our ideal lifestyle: The job, the car, the house, maybe even the husband or the wife, but what is our true source of fulfillment?  After a graduating with his bachelors from a nationally ranked school, and beginning a promising career at a reputable company, Kudarie (KD) Somaru realized he wanted more out of life.   It was in this void that Makes Everyone Happy found room to flourish.  What started as a brand became something more, and now KD is using his talents to enrich the lives of others.  When not out curating art(ists) and showing off his locs, you can find him on social media.

FB: Makes Everyone Happy
IG: @MakesEveryoneHappy

Episode 5: The Art of Gratefulness

A few years ago in Bogota, Colombia, I met a lanky, mild mannered young man with a very distinct accent named Jerome Cowans.  Little did I know that our choice encounter would allow me to see the progressive ascent of one of the most remarkable people I had ever met.  This man's accomplishments would take several pages to type, so we'll let the interview speak for itself.  When not restructuring the logistics of Jamaica, you can catch  Mr. Cowans on social media inspiring the masses:

FB/Twitter: Jerome Cowans